When you’re finally ready to begin preparation for your next move, you might find that you have more things to pack than you first thought!

It’s easy to accumulate a number of knick-knacks and other items after years living in the same place. While those are fairly easy to get rid of, letting go of things that may have some sentimental value or things you think you may need again one day can prove more difficult.

Here are some things to consider getting rid of before you move to make the process easier on you and your back.

Books and Paperwork

If you’re an avid reader, or just hate sitting on the toilet with nothing to do, you likely have a number of books and magazines lying about. Whether they’re sitting on a shelf or stuck in a basket on your bathroom floor, your reading material is likely taking up space.

If you did get around to packing it all up it’d likely fill up several boxes and end up being uncomfortably heavy. It’s important to ask yourself if you really need to bring all of your books and magazines to your next home.

Keep only what’s truly valuable to you and pass on the rest to a friend, relative, used book stores or local donation center.

The same goes for any mail or paperwork you have filed away. Transporting that much data can be expensive and uncomfortable to carry. Try scanning as much as you can into a PDF format, then saving it on your computer before throwing away and shredding sensitive documents.

If you’re like most people, it’s likely many of those documents are outdated and no longer valuable, so now is the perfect time to sort the relevant from the irrelevant.

Clothes and Linens

Cloth items also takes up a considerable amount of space when packed away, and some garments need to be hung in special boxes to prevent wrinkling.

Before you’re forced to make too many back and forth trips, go through your closet and determine what you should actually hold onto. As a general rule of thumb, it’s helpful to get rid of anything you haven’t worn or used in the past year or so.

Donate what you don’t want anymore and enjoy all the extra space you made in the moving truck!

Electronics and Entertainment

Electronics, including DVD players and game systems, seem foolish to get rid of because of their inherent value.

However, with technology advancing every few years, it’s likely many of your old systems and other entertainment devices are outdated and worth significantly less than you might think. Of course, get rid of anything that’s broken.

If you can’t find a way to sell your old electronics, some stores and waste facilities might offer you cash in exchange. The internal parts can then be recycled and used to create other devices.

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