Top Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Inspection Professional

Moving to a new city, state or country can be exhilarating. Many people view relocation as an opportunity to start over and get a new beginning. Despite the benefits, relocating is often considered one of life’s most stressful events! One of the most dreaded aspects of the moving process is the home inspection and the task of finding someone to complete it. Where do you start? Who can you trust? Ask potential home inspectors these questions before making your final hiring decision. 1. What Are Your Experiences and Certifications? Every state has different requirements for their licensed home inspectors. For example, to be licensed in Washington, applicants must have completed: At least 120 hours of board-approved classroom instruction 40 hours of field training while being supervised by a state-licensed inspector The written state exam In New York, in addition to training time requirements and passing the written state exam, applicants must have performed at least 100 home inspections. There are several certifying organizations which offer further assurance that your state-licensed home inspector knows what they’re doing. One of these organizations is the [...]

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How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Moving into a new place comes with a lot of upfront expenses. If you are renting or leasing, that could include the first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit. That all adds up quickly, so the more money at your disposal, the better. But what should you do if the security deposit from your last rental still hasn’t been returned to you? The Purpose of a Security Deposit A security deposit is a payment you make before you move into an apartment or rental home that protects the landlord from excessive property damage or missed payments. In most cases, conscientious tenants will receive their full security deposit back soon after moving out. However, your landlord might also use your security deposit to make repairs, clean the space or charge you for unpaid rent. When You Should Receive Your Security Deposit Landlords are legally obligated to return your security deposit within a reasonable amount of time. The exact deadline is determined by state law. Most requirements range from a few weeks to a month or two, but some states have [...]

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How to Keep Floors Pristine During a Move

There is going to be a lot of foot traffic in and out of your house during any move. Although you may assume your floors can withstand the extra use, dirt and dents will accumulate much more quickly than you can imagine. Take these precautions to protect your floor from gunky shoes and moving mishaps. Protect Against Dirt and Debris #1 Have People Wipe Their Feet It seems like common sense, but the easiest way to stop people from dragging dirt into your home is giving them a way to clean their shoes before stepping inside. A hardy doormat will help, but you may also need additional protection. Consider putting old carpets or towels around the doorway to sop up the extra mess and throw them out at the end of the move. You may also want to lay out a floor runner in the front hallway to catch any remaining mud or water. #2 Work in Two Teams Maybe it’s pouring outside, or maybe you’re a little strict about what comes inside your home. In these instances, delegate one half of [...]

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Tips for Moving A Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are often one of the most treasured possessions in a household, with many being family heirlooms passed down through generations. They're also delicate items that require a lot of care, especially during a move. If you're move to a new home, it's crucial you take extra care of your grandfather clock by disassembling it correctly and packing it carefully to avoid any costly or permanent damage. The best way to protect your most prized possessions is to hire professional movers to safely and expertly oversee the moving process! Fill out our online form for a free quote or call (206) 937-2261 today.

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How to Move With a Dog

Moving is stressful enough in and of itself. You have to schedule the movers, pack up all your belongings and ensure everything will be in place when you arrive. For those of us with furry friends, we have one more critical item to add to our moving checklist – taking care of the dog! Unlike people, dogs get no warning before a move and cannot voice their concerns. You’ll need to be proactive to ensure Spot doesn’t suffer during this major life transition. BEFORE THE MOVE Update Their Veterinary Care It’s important that your dog has a vet waiting for them at your new home. Ask for a copy of your pet’s medical records and check the laws regarding dog vaccinations before moving across state lines. Make Sure They Don’t Get Lost Dogs may try to run away during the chaos of a move, or they may get loose if your new home isn’t dog-friendly. Avoid losing your beloved pet by updating the address and contact info attached to their microchip or engraved on their dog tag. Be sure you have a [...]

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No Place Like Home: Tacoma’s Most Beloved Neighborhoods

Deciding to move is exciting, no matter the distance. You get to experience a new neighborhood, meet new people and step outside of your comfort zone. Although it’s great to push your boundaries and enjoy a new local culture, you probably still prefer a locale that feels homey, comfortable, safe and fulfills all your needs. Tacoma is one of Washington’s most beautiful and adored cities, boasting gorgeous weather, lovely views, safety and a relatively low cost of living. Depending on your needs, any of Tacoma’s eight neighborhoods can provide everything you want and more. However, a few of these cozy corners of the city have made names for themselves as some of Tacoma’s best neighborhoods. North End With businesses and restaurants lining 6th Avenue and attractive cottage homes fronting the residential streets, North End is like a miniature city on its own. This section of Tacoma is so well-loved, in fact, neighboring cities sometimes claim North End as their own and take pride in its cozy atmosphere and excellent economy. The 6th Avenue shops, ranging from burger joints to thrift markets and [...]

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