How to Save on Moving Costs to Alaska

Beyond common-sense measures like getting multiple quotes from moving companies and packing your household belongings yourself, there are several additional ways to save on moving costs to Alaska. Here are three of the most significant ones to think about as you plan your relocation.  Bring Fewer Belongings Many moving companies base their fees on the number and volume of boxes, furniture and other belongings you expect to transport from your old home to your new home. If you can pare down what you own, it will cost you less to move, regardless of whether you are staying in the U.S. or relocating internationally. Consider selling or giving away things you don’t need or use. Pack Creatively and Use What You Have to Save Space Wrap fragile items in soft things such as sheets and towels. It’s a smart and cost-effective way to avoid buying packing materials. Combining your belongings with this method also cuts down on the total number of boxes you have, further reducing your expenses. Be Strategic in Picking Your Moving Dates Most people want to book movers for weekends [...]

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Expert Packing Tips for Your Bellevue Move

Even if you’ve moved several times--locally, nationally or even internationally--it can be stressful to pack up your home and do it again. If you’re worried about staying organized while getting ready to move, using these expert packing tips can help.  Start with Off-Season Items It can be hard to know where to start packing, and that uncertainty may feel overwhelming. A good way to begin is with stored off-season items you know you won’t need, from clothes to sports gear, holiday decorations, seasonal housewares and bedding. Be Smart About Packing Boxes You might be tempted to just start boxing things up, especially if time is growing short, but it will just be a hassle to unpack later. Avoid packing items for multiple rooms in a single box. Place larger and heavier items on the bottom. Avoid using boxes bigger than you can carry comfortably. Ask whether your moving company provides boxes in multiple sizes. Stay Organized with Labels Label every box you pack on all sides with a permanent marker. Write whether it’s fragile and what room it belongs in, or consider [...]

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Professional Moving Services: Why They’re Worth It for Your Anchorage Area Relocation

As you prepare for your Alaskan move, you may have concerns about choosing a moving company. The list of things you have to do to get ready can feel overwhelming and more than you can handle yourself. Here are some important reasons to book professional moving services for your needs.  Floor and Wall Protection No one wants to have to worry about patching and painting your home’s walls or attempting to repair carpets or buff out scratches on floors just before or after moving. Hiring a company that takes great care in handling your furniture ensures your floors and walls are protected during move out and move in. Vehicle Transportation When you’re moving great distances or you need to be in your new home quickly, you may not have time to drive. In that case, finding a mover with the capacity to safely ship your vehicle avoids delays or the hassle of driving your vehicle yourself. Shipment Tracking Handing over all your belongings to someone else and trusting that everything will get to your new home on time can make even the [...]

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Top Qualities to Look for In An International Moving Company Serving Pierce

Whether you’re moving from or relocating to the Pacific Northwest, finding the right movers can make or break your experience. Hiring a company with a great reputation and high level of service is essential to a successful move. Here’s what to look for when interviewing an international moving company. A Reliable Network of Professional Resources Coordinating packing up your belongings and having them shipped for on-time arrival at your new home requires a close working relationship with your moving company’s counterparts in other countries.  Knowledge of Customs Requirements An international move isn’t as simple as just packing boxes and shipping them. Customs rules may apply, too. Hiring an international moving company with the expertise to navigate all the applicable rules and regulations can minimize delays and expenses. Packing Expertise When moving overseas or even long distances to non-contiguous states like Alaska, your belongings may be sent via container ship or cargo plane. It takes specialized knowledge and a good understanding of international shipping to make sure your items are packed and prepared to be sent by sea or air without damage. Robust [...]

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Can I Get Help Moving a Car to Anchorage?

If you’re moving long-distance or internationally to Alaska, you may have concerns about how to get all your belongings from your current home to your new home. Fortunately, your moving company can assist you with handling all the details. They can even help you with moving a car to Alaska!  Why Consider Having Movers Take Your Car If you’re traveling a long distance between your old and new home, that’s a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. Depending on when you need to start your new job, you also may not have time to spend several days traveling and then unpacking your belongings. Driving straight through for days on end can be a safety hazard, too, making hiring movers ideal.  What’s the Process Like? Once you arrange for moving services and a pickup date, your vehicle will be loaded onto an open carrier for its journey to your new home in Alaska. Before you send it on its way, remove any valuables, automatic toll tags and exterior add-ons like removable roof racks for sports equipment.  Additional Considerations You may have [...]

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What to Look for in a Residential Moving Company for the South King County Area

If you’re interviewing a residential moving company for an upcoming relocation, any company that offers the services of a dedicated moving coordinator is one to consider. Here’s why this kind of moving service is important. Continuity When you’re working with a moving manager who’s overseeing the entire process, it can make things easier when you have a question or concern. This person is your primary contact and is already familiar with your needs, so you can count on getting reliable answers quickly. Real-World Guidance Perhaps you want to box all your belongings yourself and only hire movers to transport them to your new house; or maybe you think arranging for white glove services to handle everything sounds nice but you’re not sure it’s affordable. A moving coordinator has the experience to help guide your decision-making in putting together the best package of residential moving company services for your needs. Expert Problem-Solving Your moving coordinator has a whole host of resources available through local, national and international networks to ensure any unexpected problems or delays can be addressed with speed and efficiency. From [...]

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Long-Distance Moving Tips for Relocating to Anchorage

Moving to Alaska requires taking care of lots of little details, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are tried-and-true ways to minimize the hassle so you can focus on the important things like spending more time with friends and family you’ll miss. Keep these long-distance moving tips in mind to make the process more manageable. Know What You’re Moving Perhaps the most important part of moving is having a clear idea of how many things you have to move. An accurate inventory will help you get a reliable estimate from a moving and storage company. The moving company will know what size truck to send and how many movers your project will need.  Do a Household Clean Out First When pricing your move, a moving company may consider things like quantity, size and weight of your boxes and furniture in providing you with an estimate. Keep costs low by moving only those items you really need and want to take with you from your old home to your new home.  Get Professional Help Moving is stressful, even if it’s a [...]

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The Best Moving Tips to Ensure a Hassle-Free Experience in GH

Moving can be an overwhelming experience even for the most well-prepared family. Even if it’s a happy event that everyone is looking forward to, moving still presents challenges. Try these best moving tips to help make it less stressful for you and your family.  Pack a Little Every Day No one wants to spend the last couple of days before the movers arrive frantically packing boxes. You’d rather be spending time with friends and family and saying your goodbyes. By making packing part of your daily household routine once you’ve got a moving date, you can take your time and avoid feeling rushed. Be Realistic About What to Take Hiring movers can take up a big chunk of your relocation budget so why not use this as an opportunity to pare down the possessions you don’t use or want anymore? Whether it’s furniture, toys, clothes, books or kitchen goods, if you won’t need it, sell it or give it away. Having fewer boxes and less furniture can result in lower moving and storage costs. Book Your Movers in Advance Moving companies run [...]

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Why Choose a Moving Company with Storage in Anchorage?

It’s easy to think that all moving companies are the same. But when it comes to a big household move, the moving company with storage available to customers can provide several advantages. Here are some of the reasons to consider hiring a moving company that can also store your packed household items and furniture. It’s Less Stressful If you won’t be there at your new home when the moving truck arrives, or if there are delays with your move-in date, there’s no need to panic. The moving company can hold your belongings. Because the moving company owns their storage facilities, you can be assured of the same high level of security and care for your items throughout the storage process, too.  Enjoy a Streamlined Process Booking the services of a moving company with storage saves the headache of working with multiple vendors. Avoid the need to coordinate your movers delivering your items to a separate storage facility and then a second time to move them from the storage unit to your home. Save Money There may be cost savings in having the [...]

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Discover the Advantages of Full-Service Packing For Your Thurston Area Move

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about packing up your house, too. From finding a new home to planning for transitions to new jobs and schools, you might be wishing someone could make the whole process easier. With full-service packing, your moving company can. See how this important service can make your move hassle-free. Convenience When you book full-service packing help, the movers arrive at your home with all the packing materials they need and get to work. Typically, you can use important items longer before they need to be packed and not clutter your house with stacks of boxes or piles of packing supplies well in advance of your move.  Greater Peace of Mind Getting assistance with your packing tasks can free up your time to handle more important responsibilities. It’s important to stay focused on tying up loose ends at work and either selling your home or wrapping up your lease agreement. You can also spend more time saying goodbyes to friends and family, and help children adjust to these big changes.  Increased Efficiency and Protection Professional and [...]

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