No Place Like Home: Tacoma’s Most Beloved Neighborhoods

Deciding to move is exciting, no matter the distance. You get to experience a new neighborhood, meet new people and step outside of your comfort zone. Although it’s great to push your boundaries and enjoy a new local culture, you probably still prefer a locale that feels homey, comfortable, safe and fulfills all your needs. Tacoma is one of Washington’s most beautiful and adored cities, boasting gorgeous weather, lovely views, safety and a relatively low cost of living. Depending on your needs, any of Tacoma’s eight neighborhoods can provide everything you want and more. However, a few of these cozy corners of the city have made names for themselves as some of Tacoma’s best neighborhoods. North End With businesses and restaurants lining 6th Avenue and attractive cottage homes fronting the residential streets, North End is like a miniature city on its own. This section of Tacoma is so well-loved, in fact, neighboring cities sometimes claim North End as their own and take pride in its cozy atmosphere and excellent economy. The 6th Avenue shops, ranging from burger joints to thrift markets and [...]

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Top 5 Employers in Emerald City

Looking to get hired in Seattle? Here are the top 5 employers in Emerald City. If you're relocating to Seattle for a new job, Continental Van Lines can get you there quickly and easily. 

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Why Seattle is the Second-Best Tech City in the U.S.

While San Francisco still reigns supreme in the tech arena, a new contender is giving the Bay Area a run for its money – Seattle. Of course, no one is surprised that Seattle has a burgeoning tech industry. However, it is notable that the Emerald City has recently risen in the ranks yet again and booted Washington, D.C. from its place as the nation’s second most favorable market for tech employees. According to the Scoring Tech Talent report from CRBE, the top ten tech cities in the U.S. and Canada are: San Francisco Bay Area, California Seattle, Washington New York, New York Washington, D.C. Atlanta, Georgia Toronto, Ontario Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Austin, Texas Boston, Massachusetts Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas This begs the question: why now? And what does Seattle offer that other major metropolitan areas just can’t deliver? #1 Abundance of Educated Workers One of the largest distinguishing factors between Seattle and other American cities is that it has the large skilled workforce necessary to fill the extraordinary demand of modern tech giants. Seattle is an exceptionally educated city, with 63 percent of [...]

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Readying Yourself for the Big Move

Moving can be expensive when you factor in all the essentials like moving labor and equipment costs, temporary lodging if necessary and transportation. Your move savings can also depend on whether you have a job lined up and how far you’ll be moving. Budgeting for a move requires smart planning to ensure you can find stability in your new home. Here are some money saving tips to ensure you’re financially prepared for your move. How Much Money Should You Save Before Moving? How much money you should save varies depending on the cost of living in the city to which you’re moving. Moving to cities with inflated costs of living like Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle will require you to save more money compared to cities with more affordable costs of living. A general rule of thumb is that you should save three months’ worth of expenses plus any additional moving costs. Defining the right amount of money to save can be tricky. The best place to start is by calculating standard expenses such as rent and utilities. Utility costs can [...]

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Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

It’s easy to be intimidated when you’re purchasing your first home. It’s likely going to be the largest purchase of your life up until this point. Incidentally, it’s this reason many people feel slightly overwhelmed when they begin the home buying process for the first time. How much money will you need for a down payment? Are you getting a good deal? What should you be looking for when house hunting? There are many critical things to consider when buying a home. If you’re looking for some guidance, the following 10 tips may help take some stress out of your first mortgage application and house shopping experience. Know Your Credit Score It’s recommended to know your credit score before you begin applying for mortgage loans so you can work to improve it if necessary. In addition to paying bills on time, you can improve your score by disputing any inaccuracies and refraining from the acquisition of new credit before you apply. Plus, getting denied hurts your credit score. If it’s low, you might want to wait until it’s higher to start applying. [...]

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From Sea to Shining Sea: Tips for Moving Between States

From Sea to Shining Sea: Tips for Moving Between States from CONTINENTAL MARKETING Moving to a new state is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s not every day you pick up and transport your life across state lines to start anew. As many homeowners know, moving all your belongings to a new state can put a strain on your wallet if you don’t have an efficient plan in place. Keep your bank account happy and yourself sane by implementing these handy tips to organize your out-of-state move. Plan Before you throw your life into the nearest box and head off to your new city, it’s important you set standards and organizational strategies for yourself to keep the experience from feeling too overwhelming. Moving is often far less stressful when you feel confident and secure in the stability of your new life. Namely, homeowners looking to switch states should ensure they have a job waiting for them when they get there to minimize the stress inherent with adjusting to such a big change. Be sure to take trips out to your new city to [...]

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Star-Studded Seattle Homes

Americans and international visitors alike gravitate toward the glitz and glam of large cities, especially those with a sizable celebrity population. Locations like Los Angeles and New York City have a reputation for housing some of show business’s biggest names, attracting tourists from all over the world hoping to catch a glimpse of their silver screen idols. However, few people realize more celebrities are making their homes in slightly smaller cities, such as Seattle, to escape the bustle of America’s largest cities. While walking the streets of America’s coffee capital, be sure to keep an eye out for these famous celebrities and their secret abodes. Hope Solo Despite recent legal troubles, soccer superstar Hope Solo has lived a life of luxury thanks to her athletic talent. To avoid the pomp of Los Angeles and New York City, Solo has chosen to settle down in the Northwest for a time, constructing a monster of a home just outside Seattle in Kirkland. Her 5,300 square foot mansion sports four bedrooms, full-size tennis and basketball courts, a pool and hot tub, two fireplaces, two three-car [...]

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Strangest Things Found While Moving Into a New Home

As children, many of us dream of finding a buried treasure map or other similar items that result in a far-fetched adventure, but as adults, we generally don’t think about what might be hidden in our homes. While you’re unlikely to find anything out of the ordinary when you move into a brand new home, there’s always the potential, however unlikely it may be, the previous owner left behind something truly bizarre. Here are 10 of the most peculiar and unexpected things people have found when moving into a home that’s been occupied by previous tenants. Strike It Rich Soon after moving into their new home, one couple discovered an estimated 50-year-old safe hidden deep within their kitchen’s wall. Inside, they found a whopping $51,080 almost entirely in $100 bills, a bottle of bourbon from the year 1960 and a short book written in 1977 by E.F. Schumacher called “A Guide for the Perplexed.” Supersized Monopoly One couple decided to replace the carpet in their new home and upon ripping it up, discovered a giant Monopoly game board that had been physically [...]

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Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods

Like many other cities across the United States, Seattle is made up of more than just one community. Each of the smaller neighborhoods throughout the city boast their own unique charm and appeal. If you’re moving to a new area across town or coming from out of state, here are just a few of the many amazing neighborhoods Seattle has to offer. Capitol Hill Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s most densely populated areas. With a wide variety of clubs, restaurants, coffeehouses and bars, it’s also a prominent nightlife destination. Many countercultures and smaller communities have made the area their home, leading to a diverse group of people and influences. Though the area covers less than two square miles, the population is above 45,000. Roughly 75 percent of the inhabitants rent condominiums in the area. While some people might find the high population density to be a bit suffocating, others will enjoy the bustling community and nightlife. South Lake Union (SLU) Like Capitol Hill, the South Lake Union area is quite small. However, the neighborhood is quickly growing thanks in part to [...]

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Move Out Checklist: Leaving Your Home Sparkling Clean

When it's time for you to move to a new home, it's common courtesy to clean your old house top to bottom out of respect for the buyer. Don't shirk your responsibilities as a homeowner! Use this checklist to ensure you leave a beautiful house, apartment or condo every time you move. Contact Continental Van Lines for fast and effective moving services.

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Tips to Make the Move Faster and Easier

Uprooting your life and moving homes is stressful enough without considering all the little tasks you may not remember. Whether you’re hopping across town, across the country or across the globe, organizing your move before the movers arrive will save you time, money and your sanity. Make a to-do list that includes these small but important tasks to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Utilities and Cleaning If you’re moving into a home that was either just built or has been vacant for some time, you’ll need to ensure it’s completely functional and clean before settling in. Call your utilities companies two weeks before your move and schedule services such as water and electricity to be switched on at your new residence and turned off at your old one. By requesting this ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to be caught off guard by delays and setbacks that may keep you from taking a well-earned shower. Don’t forget your cable and internet services! Leaving a clean home is common courtesy when you move out. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t always [...]

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Things to Get Rid of Before Your Move

When you’re finally ready to begin preparation for your next move, you might find that you have more things to pack than you first thought! It’s easy to accumulate a number of knick-knacks and other items after years living in the same place. While those are fairly easy to get rid of, letting go of things that may have some sentimental value or things you think you may need again one day can prove more difficult. Here are some things to consider getting rid of before you move to make the process easier on you and your back. Books and Paperwork If you’re an avid reader, or just hate sitting on the toilet with nothing to do, you likely have a number of books and magazines lying about. Whether they’re sitting on a shelf or stuck in a basket on your bathroom floor, your reading material is likely taking up space. If you did get around to packing it all up it’d likely fill up several boxes and end up being uncomfortably heavy. It’s important to ask yourself if you really need [...]

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Planning a Moving Budget

Planning a move? Whether your move is big or small, you likely have a lot on your mind. You have to think about when to pack up your stuff, how you’re going to pack it, and whether or not you need to make repairs or conduct a parting cleanup at your old residence. Then once that’s all finished, there’s the unpacking at your new place. All of these things are important, but none of them are as important as planning a moving budget. It’s tempting to delegate all of your responsibilities to a full-service moving company, but you don’t want to be surprised with a bill that you can’t afford. Here are some budgeting tips from the Seattle residential movers at Continental Van Lines to help you ensure that you don’t break the bank with your next move. Packing and Storage Fees First, start with packing and storage fees. These are the fees that you’ll have to pay, regardless of whether you choose a professional household moving company or you choose to do all the heavy lifting yourself. ·  Boxes: [...]

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4 Tips for a Successful Moving Away Party

It’s true that planning a household move can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun along the way! Relocating your family is a major milestone, and celebrating with family and friends can be just the break you need to recharge before the big day arrives. At Continental Van, we love having the opportunity to help our customers move to the next phase of their lives, and we know that there’s nothing better than spending quality time with those you love before a big household move. So to give you some ideas on how to throw your own moving away party, we’ve put together the follow tips for making sure your celebration is a success: 1)  First things first – decide when and who! Getting the logistics out of the way first thing is important for having a party that doesn’t add stress to your already hectic schedule. Take your moving plans into account when planning the party. Sometimes it’s easier to have the celebration a few weeks before moving day to [...]

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Documents You Need to Collect Before a Move

There’s no question that checking off everything on your to-do list before moving day arrives can be an overwhelming experience. While you are likely working on clearing out unneeded items, packing up the rooms in your house, and arranging everything from schools to utilities, have you thought about the important documents you might need during the process? Once moving day arrives, all of your household items will either be in storage or packed into a moving van, and we all know how easy it can be to lose track of where you packed your important papers. At Continental Van, we want you to feel prepared through each stage of your relocation, and we’ve put together the following list of vital documents you should collect before the big moving day: Drivers licenses and IDs Banking items, including debit cards, credit cards, and checkbooks Birth certificates and social security cards for all members of your family Medical records and documents that pertain to health concerns Mortgage and/or lease information—for your new and old residence! List of important phone numbers, including doctors, family, [...]

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10 Things You Forget About When Moving

When you’re getting ready to embark on a move, keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. From packing your day-of moving box to ensuring fragile items aren’t broken; it’s easy to get lost in your to-do list. As your Seattle moving company, it’s our job at Continental Van Lines to help our customers move from Point A to Point B without frustration. Below are the top 10 things most of our customers forget about when moving. With these tips, you’ll be able to have a stress-free move. Use Proper Packing Materials: There’s nothing worse than opening up your belongings when you arrive at your destination to find that things have broken during the move. Make sure to bubble-wrap, pad fragile items, and use sturdy boxes. Label Each Box: Making sure that each box is properly labeled can save you a lot of time when looking for something specific. If you’re looking for the cookware so that you can make dinner, labeling boxes can save a lot of time you’d waste unpacking the kids’ toys or your linens. Leave Out Necessities: Don’t [...]

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What You Need to Know When Relocating to Arizona

People are moving out of cold states like the Midwest and Northeast and heading south and west, particularly to Arizona. If you are choosing to relocate to the beautiful desert state, reading facts & tips can help. Arizona has something to offer for you and every member of your family It makes an excellent base for exploration of the southwest! There’s an elevation range of over 12,500 feet in Arizona, beautiful ponderosa pine forests (the biggest in the world), and Flagstaff averages over 100 inches of snow each year. There are more than 100 lakes in Arizona, including Tempe Town Lake, Pleasant, Mead, Havasu, and Powell. If you’re into sports, spring training is hosted in Arizona and there are more than 200 golf courses. There are new restaurants opening almost daily in Phoenix, and a booming food truck businesses. On top of all of that, you can get a great secondary-education here in Arizona. Choose between Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. These tips can help make your transition to the desert heat more enjoyable [...]

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Tips For Moving And Storing A Washer And Dryer

Moving can be stressful and costly. Does your new home lack a washer and dryer? Did you recently purchase a washer and dryer that you wish to take into your new residence? Whether you are moving with a professional van line or self-hauling; these tips can be very helpful to you. Household appliances are very expensive and require special moving instructions. If you are moving large appliances to a new home or placing them in storage for future use, you want to make sure that you keep the appliances in good shape so you can continue to use the appliances for many years. Preparing a washer and dryer for moving and storage is going to be different than preparing a stove or refrigerator. At Continental Van Lines, we have the tools to transport your large appliances efficiently and safely. Below are tips on how to properly move your washer and dryer for two types of moves. Tips on Moving Washer and Dryer A week before you need to move the appliance, run a clean rinse in the washer to remove any detergent in the washer. For the dryer, remove any debris and lint left [...]

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Did You Know? 10 Fun Facts About the Gates Medina Mansion

As the richest man in America, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates lives in a home as lavish and luxurious as you would expect. Gates’s Xanadu 2.0, named after the fictional home of Charles Foster Kane from “Citizen Kane,” is 66,000 square feet of high-tech details, and it took seven years to build. The Medina, Washington mansion is one of the most impressive and over-the-top residential structures in the United States. Here are 10 fun facts about Xanadu 2.0: High-Tech Sensor System:  Guests staying in Gates’ home are given a pin upon arrival, and then enter their lighting and climate preferences. This pin interacts with sensors located all over the house, so the light and temperature change as guests move throughout the house. Speakers behind wallpaper allow music to follow guests from room to room. It’s Earth-Sheltered:  This mansion is what is known as an earth-sheltered structure, meaning that it is built into its surroundings and it regulates temperature more efficiently. Get a Great Workout:  There are 2,500 square feet of exercise facilities including a sauna, steam room, and separate men’s and [...]

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Tim Krause Earns Mayflower Masters Club Recognition

The Masters Club is a major accomplishment in the Unigroup system awarded to sales people that reach a revenue bench mark set by home office. Tim reached this goal for the 7th year in a row! Tim Krause has been in the Continental Family for 25+ years. He goes above and beyond by taking the time to educate his customers well while always speaking the truth. With the support of Sarah Hazard; Tim can turn moving into a less stressful task. When asked what his secret to success is... he simply put "knowing the product and knowing the business." Congratulations Tim Krause!

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Compare Your Moving Options

Do you have an upcoming move? You might be asking yourself, “what is the best option for moving?” Which option is best for you? Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of three options: Renting a truck, POD, and Full-Service Mover. It is a good idea to take time and research all options to make a reasonable decision. When it comes to your household items, you can never be too cautious. Truck Rental or Self-Hauling Trucking your move without professional help can have its advantages and disadvantages. You are going to spend relatively less money but more time. Costs would include renting a moving truck and additional equipment like dollies, blankets, etc. If you have heavy furniture to handle and obstacles such as stairs, you might find a self-haul a difficult task. Needing the extra hands to complete a large self-haul is also another necessity that you may not have access too. Small moves less than 2,100 pounds find this option best. Portable On Demand Storage PODS or Portable On Demand Storage is also another option to help [...]

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Nature Lover? Visit Dash Point State Park When You Move Near Federal Way

Washington is home to numerous adventures. With many state and national parks, moving to Federal Way presents numerous opportunities to get outside and explore the new area now called home. One example of a great state park to explore is Dash Point State Park.Located on the Puget Sound in Western Washington, Dash Point State Park offers opportunities for camping, water recreation, hiking, or just a simple beach getaway. For any outdoor enthusiast, a move to Federal Way is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and create a new home. Are you considering making the move to Federal Way? Moving to Federal Way is easier than ever with Continental Van Lines. In the business since 1952, we are the premier Federal Way movers and promise a simple, stress-free move. Our Federal Way moving services make sure you are taken care of from beginning to end. How can we make your move easier? ·  From the very beginning we pair you with a moving professional to complete an in-home estimate and answer any questions or concerns. ·  Our comprehensive moving services [...]

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How To Move Houseplants

At Continental Van Lines, we understand the love for your houseplants. Planning an In-State move? We offer the best options to carefully transport them into your new home. Your plants will be treated as part of the family. If you are making a Long-Distance move, it may be worth thinking about finding a new owner for your treasured plants. Here are Some Helpful Suggestions to Mitigate Serious Injury to Your Green Buds:  Keep them at room temperature.  Use Protection from the Elements. Your plants could use what are called sleeves, which look like paper tubes the plants slip into.  Cushion your plant pot in a strong box so there is no movement.  During the transition, keep movement of the plants to a minimum. So try to take the plant from its original place, to the vehicle, then directly to its final resting spot in your new home. Continental Van Lines loves plants too, so we’ll take the best care of yours if you decide to entrust them to our care. And… we’ll leave you with a [...]

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Things To Do In Puyallup

Puyallup Washington is known for its breathtaking scenery, small town feel, and closeness to Seattle. Making the move to Puyallup can be a busy, overwhelming time. But after you’ve moved in, you most likely are ready to explore and learn more about your new city. What are the best things to do in Puyallup?Pioneer ParkPioneer Park is the ideal location for both kids and parents alike. With a heavily treed park and both a play area and wading pool, this park is a great option to spend a sunny afternoon.Puyallup Farmers MarketThis farmers market occurs every Saturday throughout the summer season, and brings together local fresh fruit and produce as well as flowers and artisan foods.Puyallup LibraryIt’s a fact that you won’t always be able to escape the rain in western Washington. Make the best of it by picking out a good pick to get lost in at the Puyallup public library. The library focuses on creating an open environment that brings power of information, literacy, imagination, and inspiration to everyone in the area.Fish HatcheryThe Puyallup fish hatchery is a [...]

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Moving to Redondo? Visit the Pier, Beach and Boardwalk

Continental Van Lines welcomes you to the lush coastal town of Redondo Beach, one of Des Moines’s most scenic areas. Beach Lovers, sightseers, and fishers alike are sure to love the unique, laid-back atmosphere of our town. Newcomers, you’ve come to the right place to plan your weekend fun! Our Redondo moving company has put together some of the best sights and activities that Redondo Beach has to offer. Get out there and enjoy your sunny new surroundings! ●  Visit the beach The beach is Redondo’s main attraction, and with good reason. It’s an excellent place to sunbathe and unwind. Its shores are a great place for children of all ages to discover shells, small crustaceans and other intertidal creatures. The sand and sun are sure to please time and time again! ●  Enjoy Water Sports and More The waters just below the boardwalk offer a wealth of opportunity for adventurous spirits. You can rent kayaks and paddle closer to views of Puget Sound or fish for some salmon, sole, and perch. The area is great for snorkelers and scuba [...]

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Proud to Be an International Affiliate Member of UniGroup Worldwide Moving

At Continental Van Lines, we’ve been dedicated to serving the comprehensive moving needs of our diverse customers. From household moving locally to large corporations moving around the world, we’ve spent decades constantly refining and fine tuning our moving techniques to be the best in the business. We’ve been a member of the FIDI Global Alliance for international movers since 1981 and it was in 2008 that we became an agent-owner of UniGroup Worldwide Moving. Since then, we have performed countless interstate and international relocations for over 600 UniGroup and FIDI network affiliated customers across five continents and over 100 countries. We Comply With A Strict Set of Quality-Assurance Standards Now we are proud and thrilled to announce that Continental has been chosen as one of the founding members of UniGroup’s largest network of international agents. As an International Affiliate Member of UniGroup Worldwide Moving, we are required to be a member of the FIDI Global Alliance, as well as be FAIM Certified within the FIDI organization. This means that our moving company complies with a strict set of quality-assurance standards which [...]

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