Couple planning budget

Planning a move? Whether your move is big or small, you likely have a lot on your mind. You have to think about when to pack up your stuff, how you’re going to pack it, and whether or not you need to make repairs or conduct a parting cleanup at your old residence. Then once that’s all finished, there’s the unpacking at your new place. All of these things are important, but none of them are as important as planning a moving budget.

It’s tempting to delegate all of your responsibilities to a full-service moving company, but you don’t want to be surprised with a bill that you can’t afford. Here are some budgeting tips from the Seattle residential movers at Continental Van Lines to help you ensure that you don’t break the bank with your next move.

Packing and Storage Fees

First, start with packing and storage fees. These are the fees that you’ll have to pay, regardless of whether you choose a professional household moving company or you choose to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

·  Boxes: Determine a rough estimate of how many you’ll need and calculate the total cost.

·  Packing materials: If you will need to purchase packing paper or bubble wrap, add it to the list.

·  Storage fees: If you can’t take everything with you, make sure that your moving budget accounts for all necessary storage fees.

You may also need to pay for smaller items like labels, markers, and packing tape. Even the little stuff can add up, so add it to your budget.

Household Moving Company Expenses

There’s no question that hiring the assistance of Seattle residential movers will make the process go smoother, but only if you feel confident that you can fit their services into your budget.

Make sure to account for the following:

·  Service fee: This includes the cost of labor, materials, fuel, and any other charges.

·  Additional services: If you want to include professional packing, appliance prep, or anything else, add it to your moving budget.

·  Insurance: If you’re moving sensitive equipment or expensive antiques, consider purchasing additional insurance if your budget allows.

Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to factor in an additional five-percent contingency rate to ensure you’re covered if faced with a costly surprise.

Seattle Residential Movers Who Make It Easy

If your moving budget has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, the right team of Seattle residential movers can make things a lot easier.

At Continental Van Lines, we proudly serve residential customers with all of their local and long-distance moving needs, which means we offer customizable services that include:

·  Full Service Moving

·  Furniture Moving

·  Storage

Allow us to customize a moving plan that you can afford. Call Continental Van Lines today to discuss your upcoming move with one of our knowledgeable associates, or fill out our online contact form to request a free quote!