We Celebrated 5 Months of Donations

As 2015 came to a close, the Continental team celebrated five months’ worth of donations to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.

When people move they often have household items such as furniture, clothing, and kitchen supplies that they no longer need. These items are still in great condition; they just need a little help finding new homes.

That’s where our Seattle moving company comes in! Prior to every move, our Certified Relocation Consultants perform an in-home estimate for all of our customers. It’s during this in-home estimate that customers can point out whatever items they’d like to donate rather than include in the move. With the donation inventory prepared, our crews take a separate truck and additional materials to the customer’s residence on loading day to collect all items for donation. From there, we are able to provide the customer with a tax deductible receipt of their contribution.

Measurable and Prompt Benefit to the Community

About once a week, representatives from The Mission stop by our West Seattle warehouse to collect all of the donated items accumulated from the previous week. Once the goods are gathered, they are immediately distributed to those in need, allowing for a measurable and prompt benefit to the community.

As The Mission’s Gifts-In-Kind Coordinator, Scott Swanson, stated “[Continental’s] donations have made a huge impact on our community in need.”

In the five months that Continental has partnered with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, our customers have donated over seven large shipping containers full of furniture and household items.

Continental’s Gifts Are More Than Furniture

“You have to realize Continental’s gifts are more than just furniture: a table or a sofa. Many of the families we serve have very little or nothing at all. These donations change lives. A table is so much more than a piece of furniture. It means family time together; family meals, card games, a place to do homework. A table can be a place to build memories,” explained Ryan Gamaunt, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission’s Warehouse Manager.

Continental could not be more grateful to our wonderful and generous customers for their donations, as well as the terrific people at The Mission for allowing us to partner with them and making this all happen.