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Moving outside the country for family, work or just to have new adventures is exciting but may also be a challenge. In addition to the typical concerns about finding a new place to live and packing your belongings, there may be visa, language and other obstacles. But working with an experienced international moving company keeps your headaches to a minimum.

They Understand the Customs Process

Sending your belongings into another country when you’re relocating means you’ll need to meet customs requirements. You can count on additional paperwork and extra time for inspections. A reliable international team of movers has processes in place to streamline the process.

They Have a Network of International Partners

When a company specializes in serving clients across international borders, they quickly gain insight into which of their colleagues in other nations deliver the same kinds of services. A network of partner organizations expands their reach and provides you with a high level of service.

They Offer Enhanced Services

Depending on the size of the home you’re moving to or how long you’re planning on being there, you may need more help than just picking up boxes and delivering them. Storage is often a concern, and a trusted company serving international customers usually has facilities available for exactly this purpose, saving you the trouble of finding your own. 

Do You Need to Hire an International Moving Company Serving Seattle?

Continental Van Lines has years of experience in supporting people in making residential moves, whether it’s local, across the country to Alaska or another country. We’ve earned a great reputation for professionalism and reliability through top-quality moving services, including auto transportation and climate-controlled storage. We’ll even pack up your belongings for you and disassemble your furniture! Contact us today to learn more about our international moving company and get your free quote

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