Boxes opened and unpacked

When you’re getting ready to embark on a move, keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. From packing your day-of moving box to ensuring fragile items aren’t broken; it’s easy to get lost in your to-do list. As your Seattle moving company, it’s our job at Continental Van Lines to help our customers move from Point A to Point B without frustration. Below are the top 10 things most of our customers forget about when moving. With these tips, you’ll be able to have a stress-free move.

  1. Use Proper Packing Materials: There’s nothing worse than opening up your belongings when you arrive at your destination to find that things have broken during the move. Make sure to bubble-wrap, pad fragile items, and use sturdy boxes.
  2. Label Each Box: Making sure that each box is properly labeled can save you a lot of time when looking for something specific. If you’re looking for the cookware so that you can make dinner, labeling boxes can save a lot of time you’d waste unpacking the kids’ toys or your linens.
  3. Leave Out Necessities: Don’t pack things you’ll need the day of your move. Things like phone chargers, toiletries, and a change or two of clothes can make moving day much more enjoyable. Pack a box and label it as your essentials. This way you will have all your “must-haves” in one location.
  4. Prepare Change of Address: Moving to a new location is made easy by the U.S. Postal Service online. Filling out a quick online form can insure your mail will be forwarded to your new address. When taking care of this task, also consider calling your car insurance company. If you are moving to a new state, new plate registration will take place. Moving within the same state could result in a rate change depending on the neighborhood. Know the fees ahead of time to limit surprise bills.
  5. Schedule Movers Early On: This is an important task. If you wait too long to book a moving company in Seattle, you might feel stuck when you find that all companies are booked up. This is especially true if you’re trying to move on a Friday or Saturday, which are prime moving days. Book as early as you can.
  6. Make Sure You Have Keys for Your New Place: It seems like this one’s a no-brainer, but sometimes, new tenants aren’t given keys until close to their move date. In the tizzy to get everything done on time, you might forget to pick up the keys. Make sure this one is something you don’t forget.
  7. Organize Storage for Possessions You Don’t Need Yet: If your new place isn’t ready for all of your belongings, set up storage for them in advance. Many Seattle movers can help you coordinate storage solutions, so ask your moving company what their options are.
  8. Checking That Your Home Has Been Properly Cleared: After you’re all set and ready to go, walk through each room and make sure you’ve packed everything. Open all the cupboards and drawers. Sometimes, things get put aside or remain unpacked during the rush.
  9. Make Arrangements for Pet Care and Child Care If you’ve got pets or kids, moving day can get even more hectic. It can be helpful to plan for a dog walker or a babysitter to take some of the stress off your plate.
  10. Handle Memberships and Utilities: To avoid extra fees, cancelling current commitments before you leave will limit the stress on move day. For example, all cards that link to memberships you will not be using once moved such as the gym or your local library. Your utilities also need early attention. Make sure to call your current utility company to inform them of your last day and call your new utility company to arrange your turn on date.

Overall, a few tips to consider. Let our Seattle moving company help you stay organized.

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