Careful and Precise Preparations Lead To Successful Move

We've never had a better professional move, and our most recent experience prior to this one made us dread even contacting a moving company. Larry came to our house and explained what to expect from Continental (and Mayflower), His estimates of amount, weight, and cost extremely accurate. He told me that Sarah would be my contact person. She kept me informed, providing names and times for packers and loaders who would be taking care of the departure end of the journey. While the packers were at our house, the driver arrived and spent a few hours taking his own inventory of our belongings, tagging items, etc. The next day went smoothly because of the careful preparations and the loaders' care and hard work. At the arrival end, the people from the local Mayflower movers worked especially hard unloading both at an apartment (2nd floor walk-up), and at a storage unit which they packed completely full! We are unable to evaluate the condition of our goods in storage since they aren't accessible, but the care that was taken with them makes us feel confident that all is well.

Continental Van Lines, Inc.

Christine- We are so glad you had a positive moving experience with us!