Storage ServicesAre you moving to or from Olympia but unable to unpack your belongings right away? This isn’t an unusual issue to have and moving specialists help clients work through the details all the time. Whether there’s a transitional delay or you merely need some time to house hunt, temperature-controlled storage services may be the perfect solution. While standard storage units are probably easy to find, there are many reasons to opt for a unit with climate control.

No Extreme Temperatures

It may go without saying, but temperature-controlled storage services ensure your items are not exposed to extreme heat or cold. This is particularly important during the summer and winter months. Dramatic changes can damage many of your belongings, especially wood furniture, antiques and musical instruments. 

Better Air Quality

Temperature-controlled storage services provide better air quality. This may not seem like a big deal, but storing your items in a space without air circulation can cause musty smells to develop. This can be particularly problematic in areas with high moisture levels.

Safe from Dust, Flooding & Rodents

Working with a residential moving company to secure temperature-controlled storage services will also keep your items safer. Because these spaces are well-sealed and located indoors, they are less susceptible to dust, flooding and rodents. It’s also more difficult for people to break into units.

Interested in Temperature-Controlled Storage Services in Olympia?

Are you interested in using temperature-controlled storage services for your upcoming Olympia move? Now that you know why so many people prefer this option, it’s time to discuss specifics with a professional. The expert team at Continental Van Lines in Fife can assist with all your residential moving needs. In fact, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to assist with international moves and Alaskan moves as well. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Services in Olympia

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