There’s a lot that goes into preparing for a move, but perhaps the most important decision is choosing which moving company to hire. Whether you’re moving to or from Alaska, there are several important criteria to keep in mind. Here’s what to look for in a moving company in Alaska.

They Know Alaska Well

We’re talking about understanding the unique challenges of the weather and climate in Alaska. Seek out a residential moving company that’s prepared for these challenges through experience, and has the resources to navigate them with competence and confidence.  

They Have a Robust Network

If you’re moving into or out of state, you’ll want to know the moving company you hire has a well-established network of moving professionals to assist where necessary. This ensures that your belongings are handled with care and professionalism throughout their journey to your new home, whether that’s in the U.S. or a foreign country.

They Offer Value-Added Services

When a moving company in Alaska can provide customers with additional services beyond packing and unpacking assistance, you can enjoy a more streamlined and hassle-free moving experience. When interviewing moving companies, find out whether they can store your furniture and boxes if needed. Other helpful services include shipment tracking, vehicle transportation, and dedicated moving concierge assistance with 24/7 availability.

Do You Need to Book a Moving Company in Alaska?

When you’re ready to start planning your move, call Continental Van Lines for attentive and professional moving services. Our team of experienced, reliable movers will ensure your residential or commercial move is organized seamlessly, getting your furniture and household items delivered to your new home with speed and the utmost care and concern so you can begin your new life right away. Contact us today to discover how a moving company in Alaska can provide you with unparalleled service and peace of mind.

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Posted on June 3, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business