What exactly do you need to do the day of residential moving services in Alaska? It’s important to plan your activities for this day carefully, as there are many moving parts involved in the process of relocating your belongings. With extra people in your home, it’s easy for things to get confusing. First, unless you’re paying a residential moving company to pack for you, you’ll need to ensure everything is in boxes before the professionals arrive. Additionally, these tips may prove useful for the day of your move.

Remove Any Remaining Bedding

It’s likely you and your family will be using the beds in your home right up until the day of the move. This means you’ll need to remove and fold all of the bedding when you wake up that morning. This will allow the moving team to more easily load the mattress and disassemble the bed frame.

Gather Your Electronics

You probably don’t want most of your daily electronics packed up in the truck. Things like cell phones, tablets and computers should be gathered and moved to a secure location. If there are larger and more expensive electronics that are part of the move, make sure your moving specialist is made aware of them and their value.

Keep Children and Pets Occupied

Consider crating any pets for the duration and finding ways to keep children occupied. See if friends or extended family can keep them occupied while the professionals do their jobs.

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