Like many other cities across the United States, Seattle is made up of more than just one community. Each of the smaller neighborhoods throughout the city boast their own unique charm and appeal. If you’re moving to a new area across town or coming from out of state, here are just a few of the many amazing neighborhoods Seattle has to offer.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s most densely populated areas. With a wide variety of clubs, restaurants, coffeehouses and bars, it’s also a prominent nightlife destination. Many countercultures and smaller communities have made the area their home, leading to a diverse group of people and influences. Though the area covers less than two square miles, the population is above 45,000. Roughly 75 percent of the inhabitants rent condominiums in the area. While some people might find the high population density to be a bit suffocating, others will enjoy the bustling community and nightlife.

South Lake Union (SLU)

Like Capitol Hill, the South Lake Union area is quite small. However, the neighborhood is quickly growing thanks in part to commercial interests and efforts made by the city. Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc., as well as the online mega-retailer Amazon, own significant real estate in the area. As a result, SLU is becoming a hub for many life science and technology organizations.
In addition to the two million square feet of housing built between 2003 and 2008, many neighborhood residents have made their home in what were previously industrial buildings. These converted structures have resulted in truly unique housing developments.


According to a report by real estate company Redfin, Ravenna was one of the United States’ top 10 neighborhoods in 2014. Most homes were on the market for an average of seven days. Named after a town in Italy, the small neighborhood was first incorporated by Seattle in 1907. Its old age adds to the area’s appeal, with most of the homes having been built before 1940 in Craftsman and Tudor styles. The nearby Ravenna Park further highlights the neighborhood’s charm. Close to the University District and a number of highly-ranked schools, Ravenna is a perfect place for families.

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