Moving to a new state is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s not every day you pick up and transport your life across state lines to start anew. As many homeowners know, moving all your belongings to a new state can put a strain on your wallet if you don’t have an efficient plan in place. Keep your bank account happy and yourself sane by implementing these handy tips to organize your out-of-state move.


Before you throw your life into the nearest box and head off to your new city, it’s important you set standards and organizational strategies for yourself to keep the experience from feeling too overwhelming.

Moving is often far less stressful when you feel confident and secure in the stability of your new life. Namely, homeowners looking to switch states should ensure they have a job waiting for them when they get there to minimize the stress inherent with adjusting to such a big change. Be sure to take trips out to your new city to find an apartment or home ahead of time.

Once you lock down a new job in your desired state, it’s time to set the budget. Long-distance moving is expensive and, with hotel and gas costs factored in, the process could end up costing a small fortune. Setting a definitive budget allows you to think more critically about the necessities and entices you to trim the fat, so to speak.

In the final stage of planning your move, you’ll need to research your area’s most highly-rated out-of-state movers by going online or asking people you trust. Request detailed quotes with representatives from at least three companies to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality service at a reasonable price. Remember: you get what you pay for! Don’t be afraid to go with a slightly higher price for top-of-the-line service and courtesy.

Commit and Pack

Once you’ve chosen a moving company to help you through the process, be sure to request a written contract with every detail of the service outlined and priced. Read the documents thoroughly and sign to begin the partnership. Never sign a document that is incomplete or vague. Less-than-reputable moving groups may use vague contract terms to offer poor service or higher prices once you’re legally bound to the service.

With a company chosen, you can now turn your attention to your current home. Before you pack, you’ll need to be very discriminatory with what you take across state lines. Though many items may seem absolutely necessary, you could actually save money, time and stress by simply tossing or donating them and getting new ones at your destination. As a rule of thumb, if it’s old and worn and you intended to replace it soon anyway, you might as well get rid of it.

Pack slowly over time to reduce stress. This way, you aren’t scrambling last minute to get your home packed on moving day. Notify your utility services, mail carriers and bank of your move ahead of time to ensure you aren’t paying for services you aren’t using.

Moving Day

When moving day comes, many homeowners are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with themselves. Try your best to make the movers’ jobs easier by keeping out of the way and making the items destined for the moving van or truck easily accessible. Familiarize yourself with your moving company’s list of items that are not admissible in a moving truck. These possessions should be thrown out or hauled in your own vehicle.

If you have pets, be sure they’re locked away while the movers go in and out of your home. Moving is confusing and stressful for your four-legged pals, too, so it’s important they have a carrier, box, water bowl and toys they can use to keep themselves calm. If possible, wear them out with a walk or playtime or consult a veterinarian about sedatives to promote drowsiness during the ride.

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