Do you dream of living in a wintery oasis complete with glaciers, wildlife and the Northern Lights? If so, moving to Alaska may be the perfect next step for you. And, if you’re like more than half of Alaskans, you’ll most likely end up somewhere in Anchorage.

There are plenty of pros to living in Anchorage, like:

  • Access to outdoor life and adventure
  • No local/state income or sales tax
  • Permanent Fund Dividend payments
  • A young population with an average age of 32

Your enjoyment of Anchorage will likely depend on which neighborhood you decide to call home. Here are some of the neighborhoods which are consistently recognized as the best in the city.


Like many of the other entries on this list, Huffman-O’Malley has a low crime rate. The neighborhood is one of the largest, with a population of nearly 11,000.

Residents will be pleased to find a variety of home styles here. Though the average home listing price and median rent may seem steep, residents in this area have a median household income of more than $140,000. While all of Anchorage is fairly new, the median construction year of a home in Huffman-O’Malley is 1983, meaning your home is likely to be modern and structurally sound. As an added bonus, residents have access to many local schools and the Alaska Zoo.


This quiet neighborhood is located northeast of Huffman-O’Malley and shares its low crime rates. The main draw of Mid-Hillside is its calm and peaceful residential atmosphere, several high-performing schools and proximity to Far North Bicentennial Park. It has a population of around 4,300, although population density is relatively low.

Rabbit Creek

Rabbit Creek contains some of the more luxurious properties in Anchorage, with an average listing price above $632,000 and a median monthly rent of $3,350. The higher elevation, stunning views and large lots are particularly desirable to those looking to relocate to the area. The neighborhood backs up to the Turnagain Arm waterway, Seward Highway and outskirts of Chugach State Park.

Rogers Park

Those who crave access to shopping and activities may prefer Rogers Park to a quieter neighborhood like Mid-Hillside. While other neighborhoods feature larger plots of land, one can find many apartment and small house options here. Outdoorsy types will appreciate access to Chester Creek Trail, which runs along the northern end of the neighborhood. Rogers Park is also close to University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University, making it a potential destination for college students and grads.

South Addition

South Addition is a smaller neighborhood with a population of around 4,500, yet it is the most densely populated neighborhood on this list. Residents have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of outdoor life here, including:

The neighborhood also has a rich and fascinating history. A section of South Addition called Block 13 was founded in the 1930s and 1940s by military personnel looking to combat the housing shortage. However, right after they finished constructing their homes, they were called away for World War II, and the neighborhood was later damaged by the famous 1964 earthquake.13

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