Starting a new job is stressful, and needing to relocate for that job may send your stress levels through the roof. Uprooting the life you’ve built and starting a new chapter somewhere else is always a challenging experience, from learning to navigate the streets to finding local businesses and service providers to cater to your needs.

As your to-do list leading up to the move grows, it can understandably be difficult deciding where to begin. To make the process easier, there are a few things you should accomplish before the big move.

Choose an Experienced Realtor

Hire a professional realtor who knows the area, especially if you’re moving to a place you’ve never been. A knowledgeable realtor will be able to provide recommendations and information you’ll need to choose a neighborhood you like or suggest alternatives that fall within your price range. Their experience in the area will also allow them to give you proper estimates and details about the length of the entire home-buying process.

Some realtors may try to take advantage of your situation by suggesting high-priced properties. To prevent this, go into the process with knowledge of recent home sales in your new area by using apps and online resources such as:

  • Zillow
  • Dwellr
  • Trulia
  • Xome
  • Homesnap
  • Redfin

Consider Location

Before choosing a new home, you’ll want to explore neighborhoods near your new workplace. Your realtor may have first-hand knowledge of commute times from different areas to your place of work and can recommend areas that fit your budget and location needs.

Make Preview Visits

Ideally, moving day won’t be the first time you see your new home in-person. Though you’ll be working closely with a realtor you trust, it’s wise to visit the properties to get a better idea of what you’re purchasing. Preview visits will also allow you to become slightly more acquainted with your future location, which might make the move a little easier.

Think About Every Detail

Unlike moving across town, you’ll have to make sure you’ve gathered all your belongings in one trip. This means you’ll need to have a master plan to get everything packed, donated or trashed before your move date. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get Organized

Limit your packing to one room at a time and carry a checklist of what needs to be packed in each room.

Stock up on Supplies

If you’re packing yourself, ensure you have enough labels, tape, boxes and foam wrap to safely get your items from one location to the other.

Label Everything

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your new home and not being able to find anything. Meticulously label your boxes now so you know what’s in them as you unpack.

Create an “Open Me First” Box

Pack this box with things you’ll need first at your new home, like toothpaste, soap and non-perishable food items, so you know exactly where they are.

Follow the 30-Pound Rule

Even if you won’t be carrying the boxes yourself, packing boxes so they weigh 30 pounds or less decreases the chance of injury to whoever carries them.

Hire the Right Moving Service

When moving long distance, choose an insured and trusted moving company that frequently handles this type of relocation. Check reviews online to get an idea of what kind of company they are, and get quotes from several companies to compare potential fees and insurance options. After you’ve chosen your moving company, get a contract in writing stipulating the cost and timeline before you move.

Make Travel Preparations

As with any move, you don’t want to save transportation for the last minute. After finalizing your moving date with your movers, book your tickets accordingly.

Some people prefer driving to their new location, but if you’re moving across the country and need to start work immediately, flying is probably your best option. Booking your tickets as soon as possible will not only save you money on travel fare, but will also be the final step in ensuring you have a game plan for the big day.

Relocate With Continental Van Lines

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