At Continental Van Lines, we understand the love for your houseplants. Planning an In-State move? We offer the best options to carefully transport them into your new home. Your plants will be treated as part of the family. If you are making a Long-Distance move, it may be worth thinking about finding a new owner for your treasured plants.

Here are Some Helpful Suggestions to Mitigate Serious Injury to Your Green Buds:

  1.  Keep them at room temperature.
  2.  Use Protection from the Elements. Your plants could use what are called sleeves, which look like paper tubes the plants slip into.
  3.  Cushion your plant pot in a strong box so there is no movement.
  4.  During the transition, keep movement of the plants to a minimum. So try to take the plant from its original place, to the vehicle, then directly to its final resting spot in your new home.

Continental Van Lines loves plants too, so we’ll take the best care of yours if you decide to entrust them to our care. And… we’ll leave you with a housewarming gift you can enjoy in the future. You guessed it – a housewarming plant!