There is going to be a lot of foot traffic in and out of your house during any move. Although you may assume your floors can withstand the extra use, dirt and dents will accumulate much more quickly than you can imagine. Take these precautions to protect your floor from gunky shoes and moving mishaps.

Protect Against Dirt and Debris

#1 Have People Wipe Their Feet

It seems like common sense, but the easiest way to stop people from dragging dirt into your home is giving them a way to clean their shoes before stepping inside. A hardy doormat will help, but you may also need additional protection. Consider putting old carpets or towels around the doorway to sop up the extra mess and throw them out at the end of the move. You may also want to lay out a floor runner in the front hallway to catch any remaining mud or water.

#2 Work in Two Teams

Maybe it’s pouring outside, or maybe you’re a little strict about what comes inside your home. In these instances, delegate one half of the team to move items to and from the moving truck. The other half will be responsible for moving items within the home. This way, no one will come trekking inside with soiled shoes.

#3 Invest in Some Carpet Protection Film

This is essentially plastic wrap for your carpet. Application is easy – simply roll the tube along your carpet and make sure the adhesive side clings to the rug. Some people prefer using an applicator, which looks like a paint roller attached to the end of a broomstick, so they don’t have to bend down during application. This barrier provides some protection against liquid and dirt and has a non-slippery surface so you and the movers don’t fall while carrying heavy items.

#4 Put on Shoe Covers

You’ll have Smurf feet for the day, but your floors will be squeaky clean! Slip the shoe covers on while inside the house to prevent any caked-on dirt from falling off your shoes and onto the floor. This option is also quite affordable, with multi-packs costing just five to 10 dollars.

Prevent Scratches and Dents

#1 Cover Your Floors

Besides keeping out dirt, a good floor cover can prevent nicks and scratches as people move about the house. The cheapest solution is laying down flattened cardboard boxes; just make sure no one trips over the edges by affixing them to the ground. You can also use runners or old rugs, as these will absorb much of the damage if anything is dropped. For heavy items like refrigerators, it’s a good idea to buy sheets of plywood, as they can withstand much sharper corners and heavier weights than cardboard boxes.

#2 Move Furniture Appropriately

Never drag heavy furniture or boxes across the floor. For one thing, it’s terrible for your back. For another, furniture feet and box corners will scratch hardwood and tile and rip up carpet. Prevent floor damage by putting furniture sliders on the feet of lighter furniture and rolling or sliding it to the door. Use a dolly with clean wheels to haul heavy appliances.

#3 Make Sure Your Boxes Will Hold Up

Now is not the time to test your strength by deadlifting jumbo sized cardboard boxes stuffed with books. While cardboard is strong, you don’t want to overload any box as the bottom may give out, sending your heaviest items crashing to the floor. Pack large boxes with a mixture of lighter and heavier objects, and save the heaviest stuff for smaller boxes. Secure every box with several strips of fresh packing tape to reinforce the flaps and seams.

#4 Wrap Your Furniture

At some point in your life, you’ve probably taken a chunk out of the wall trying to maneuver a flat screen TV around your narrow hallways or squeezing your dresser diagonally through your bedroom door. Now imagine if you dropped the whole shebang. The damage would be catastrophic! Reduce the chance of major dents and slices in your flooring by wrapping your larger items in furniture blankets, or regular blankets, if you don’t feel like running to the store.

Pick the Right Professionals

No matter what you do to protect your floors during your move, you want to make sure your moving team respects your home and your wishes. At Continental Van Lines, our team puts customer satisfaction above all else, which is why we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and certification as a ProMover. We will provide advanced wall and floor protection for any residential move to keep your home safe. Call us at (206) 937-2261 today or visit us online for your free quote!