Do you have an upcoming move? You might be asking yourself, “what is the best option for moving?” Which option is best for you? Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of three options: Renting a truck, POD, and Full-Service Mover. It is a good idea to take time and research all options to make a reasonable decision. When it comes to your household items, you can never be too cautious.

Truck Rental or Self-Hauling

Trucking your move without professional help can have its advantages and disadvantages. You are going to spend relatively less money but more time. Costs would include renting a moving truck and additional equipment like dollies, blankets, etc. If you have heavy furniture to handle and obstacles such as stairs, you might find a self-haul a difficult task. Needing the extra hands to complete a large self-haul is also another necessity that you may not have access too. Small moves less than 2,100 pounds find this option best.

Portable On Demand Storage

PODS or Portable On Demand Storage is also another option to help you with your upcoming move. This option is similar to renting a truck. You are doing all the packing, loading, and unloading. With PODS you have the convenience of it being delivered from origin to destination. The positives for this option is saving money, drive time and optional storage. The negatives are you still need to pack the POD correctly as to not damage items and not having items larger than the container. Similar downfall to self-haul, you still need the labor to help move all of your items.

Hiring Professional Full-Service Movers

At Continental Van Lines our full-service movers provide you with a relaxing, stress free move. If we are talking about value, you would be spending more money but less time. If you chose to go with a full-service mover, sit back and relax. You can have professionally packed, loaded goods in the moving truck and unloaded at destination. You will not have to worry about the stairs, heavy items, and calling the family friends for help. At no additional cost, our movers bring their own equipment to have a quick and safe move. In addition, full service movers offer moving boxes, mattress covers, shrink wrap and tape at the moving location so you can use them if you need them. Large household moves benefit from this option.

In conclusion…

Make sure to check the moving truck rental final prices and additional expenses. All the taxes, fees, mile charges, gas prices, tolls, additional equipment, packing materials, and insurances. Compare those numbers with the free moving quote from the full-service movers. Therefore, you can easily decide which is most cost effective in your case. Gather all the needed information and make a reasonable choice. Continental Van Lines is here to be your choice for Seattle Moving.

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