A full-service company that offers moving and storage gives you that extra flexibility to provide peace of mind during the stress of moving. You’ll be prepared if your new home isn’t quite ready for you to move into or if your new home is only a temporary location and too small for all of your belongings. Here’s what to look for when considering moving companies that also offer the option to store your items. 

Is it Secure?

It’s not enough to have a place to store your boxes and furniture. You want to know your possessions are protected from hazards, too. Find out whether the storage facility has security systems and patrols in place to safeguard it. 

Can You Get Custom Solutions?

There’s no use paying for more storage space than you need for longer than you want it. Seek out a company that can give you multiple size options and rental terms for short-term or long-term use. 

Is it Protected from Weather?

Some storage areas aren’t enclosed, and exposure to changing weather conditions can affect your belongings, especially fabrics and wood. Find out if the facility your moving company uses is fully enclosed and climate-controlled for the greatest protection against mold, mildew and pests.

Are You Looking for Moving and Storage Services Around South King County?

Continental Van Lines has the advanced storage services you need for local and long-distance moving. Our clients enjoy the dedicated assistance of moving managers to ensure every detail is covered, from cars to packing help and furniture assembly in your new home. If you’re ready to hire a local company for moving and storage services, contact us today for your free quote.

Customizable Moving and Storage Services for South King County

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