Are you considering utilizing concierge moving services for your upcoming move in Alaska? Alaskan terrain and weather are rough, making moves even more difficult than normal. Potential safety complications make it even more important to work with a residential moving company that knows how to handle these conditions. 

Provides Access to Industry Resources

With concierge moving services, you’ll have easier access to a wide variety of industry resources, such as long and short-term storage solutions. You have enough to worry about; let a professional handle contacting distributors, managers and contractors on your behalf. 

Saves Time

Opting for concierge moving services saves you time. Instead of wasting hours reading reviews and participating in consultations, a concierge will handle the logistics for you.

Assists at Home

A concierge can also provide much-needed support leading up to your move. These professionals are trained to offer child, pet and garden care, as well as laundry, mailing and shipping services. Whatever you need, they’re there to help!

Keeps Things Organized

From creating timelines, checklists and schedules to advising the safest ways to pack precious keepsakes, the professional assigned to your move ensures everything runs smoothly.

Secure Concierge Moving Services in Alaska Today!

Don’t try to tackle your Alaska move alone; get the help you need with concierge moving services at Continental Van Lines. With years of experience and all the necessary gear, our specialists can safely relocate your belongings. Additionally, we can provide assistance if your household is planning an international move. Whatever your needs, contact us today to discuss options.

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