Vehicle Transportation ServicesAre you considering vehicle transportation services for an upcoming move in Seattle? Relocating your vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, with the help of a residential moving company, you can coordinate the entire transition quickly and easily. There are, however, a few common issues to look out for. While most moving specialists will do everything possible to help you avoid any mishaps along the way, some aspects are easy to overlook when you’re stressed or in a hurry. Becoming familiar with some of the mistakes most frequently made can help you avoid them.

Lapsed Insurance Coverage

It’s important that you don’t let your auto insurance coverage lapse before or during vehicle transportation services. While most plans renew automatically, it’s imperative that you verify your coverage ahead of your move. Many companies will refuse to move your car or truck without proof of continuous insurance.

Missing or Incorrect Documentation

You should also expect your residential moving company to request some documentation before transporting your vehicle. In most cases, you’ll need to provide the certificate of insurance and the vehicle registration. Some companies may also require an inspection prior to transport; review the findings carefully to ensure there are no issues that could prevent service.

Forgotten Belongings in the Vehicle

Your car or truck must be completely emptied before it’s transported. This is because it’s usually illegal for companies to ship vehicles containing household goods. If some items are allowed in the interior, they’re not covered if they’re damaged or go missing.

Need Vehicle Transportation Services in Seattle?

People moving to or from Seattle can count on Continental Van Lines for superior vehicle transport services. We regularly help individuals and families coordinate international moves and Alaskan moves. We also offer short and long-term temperature-controlled storage services.

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