people having outdoor party

It’s true that planning a household move can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun along the way! Relocating your family is a major milestone, and celebrating with family and friends can be just the break you need to recharge before the big day arrives.

At Continental Van, we love having the opportunity to help our customers move to the next phase of their lives, and we know that there’s nothing better than spending quality time with those you love before a big household move. So to give you some ideas on how to throw your own moving away party, we’ve put together the follow tips for making sure your celebration is a success:

1)  First things first – decide when and who!

Getting the logistics out of the way first thing is important for having a party that doesn’t add stress to your already hectic schedule. Take your moving plans into account when planning the party. Sometimes it’s easier to have the celebration a few weeks before moving day to avoid getting caught up on the last minute scramble of packing.

2)  Choose a location

It might make sense to say goodbye to everyone by hosting a gathering at your home, but that is probably not your best option. Between having the house torn apart with packing and the lack of supplies you’ll have on hand, it’s generally a good idea to host your moving away party at another location. From local parks to bowling alleys or restaurants, there are countless options for a party location that won’t add to your stress.

3)  Everything is more fun with a theme!

 Moving away parties are the perfect time to get creative and plan a theme for the gathering. Think about the details of your move to help you come up with ideas! Whatever you decide, you can make the most out of any theme by sending out invites early, hitting the dollar store for simple supplies, and giving yourself permission to relax and have a great time.

4)  Don’t hesitate to ask for help

 Just like the process of moving is simpler with a residential moving company on your side, making your party a success can be much easier with some extra hands. Recruit some of your closest friends to help you pick up supplies, get the location ready, or bring over food for a potluck-style cookout!

Moving can be a hectic, overwhelming time, but it’s also a reason to celebrate.  At Continental Van Lines, our Seattle movers go above and beyond to ensure that your entire moving experience exceeds your expectations—giving you more time for important things like spending time with your family and friends before moving day.  To learn more about our services and to schedule your free moving estimate, just give us a call or fill out our online form today.