Celebrate moving into your new home with friends and family with these 10 tips for throwing a great housewarming party.
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Here are 10 Tips for Throwing a Great Housewarming Party!

    1. Send invitations so guests have your address and other pertinent information for future reference.

house warming party

    1. Save money by having a potluck and going BYOB.

pot luck

    1. Keep it casual.

casual house warming party

    1. Go with finger foods over a sit-down dinner to encourage mingling.

finger foods at house warming party

    1. Plan other activities besides eating and drinking.

housewarming party tips

    1. Consider DIY decorations to help with atmosphere.

diy decorations house party

    1. A great playlist goes a long way.

playlist for house warming party

    1. Make sure your moving-related clutter is out of the way.

moving clutter for house warming party

    1. Make each room presentable for the grand tour.

clean room for house warming party

    1. Send out thank you notes afterward.

thank you notes after house warming party

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