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International Shipping

Successfully and cost-efficiently moving your international shipment may require several modes of transportation. Below is a description of some of the many ways Continental Van Lines, Inc., a premier Seattle international shipping company, can successfully transport your valued belongings. Uncomplicated international shipping in Seattle begins with the full-service shipping experts at Continental!

Surface (Sea)

With the use of international sea containers, shipping via steamship is often one of the most economical ways of shipping internationally. We can provide a vast array of Seattle international shipping services by sea, including:

  • Shipments of large items, such as furniture
  • Large shipments of household goods
  • Shipments requiring multiple destination stops
  • Shipments from one land mass or continent to another
  • Shipments that require transport over extensive miles
  • Shipments consolidated with other shipments, sharing the cost of a sea container

UniGroup Worldwide/UTS has negotiated contracts with many steamship lines leveraging their buying power as the largest international mover in the world. Continental Van Lines, Inc. is an agent owner for Mayflower, which is part of this global network of unprecedented resources and premier movers.

Surface (Truck/Rail)

Almost every international shipment will require some form of truck transportation. Delivery from a seaport or airport to/from your residence is completed using commercial trucks designed to carry air shipment containers, international sea containers or wooden lift vans.

Final delivery to your residence is performed by the UniGroup Worldwide/UTS international agent in that area. Some international delivery locations are best performed via truck transportation. Shipments transported within Europe or shipments originating or destined to the United States via Mexico or Canada are another example of an international surface (truck) shipment.


By definition, intermodal service is the transport of shipments using multiple forms of transportation. A common intermodal occurance is the transport of an overseas container via truck or rail to a seaport for transport via steamship. This is a service included in Continental's international shipping in Seattle, Tacoma, or wherever in the world your destination lies.


Shipping your belongings via air is often performed for:

  • Smaller shipments
  • Time-sensitive shipments
  • Shipments to/from areas not serviced by other forms of transportation
  • In locations where there is increased security risk

Because the size (volume) of the shipment is a critical factor in determining costs, shipments of large items, such as furniture, are generally avoided via airplane. Airlines generally base their charges on a density factor of 10.4 lbs per cubic foot. Large light items will be charged based upon higher- than- actual weight.

Whatever shipping services you require, Continental is here to streamline the process! Continental and its agents will provide premium, comprehensive service from start-to-finish. Call today to speak with a Customer Support Specialist or fill out our Quick Quote Form now for a free estimate!